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≪ローカル・ルール ≫


























* エクストラボール

グレード別に、50/100/150キック分、フィールド上にて展開できます。 * サッカースパイク


* カラースプレー







How to Play / 楽しみ方 ≫ については、当アプリ内の[Information] をご参照願います。




 【About this App and Local Rules


Soccer-ing is an App that can enjoy playing soccer at virtual space among users.

New Concept of Social Community with networking others while playing soccer.

Activate Soccer-ing whenever you get outside, and enjoy playing soccer with other Team Mates from all over the world!



Local Rules


Season Play

90 days from the point when you drop your My Ball is counted as 1 Season.

My Ball History will be refreshed (deleted) and return to your Item List when the Season is over.

You can reset (drop) My Ball at your location, after the ball has been returned.



You can check your Data which shows all your historical Performances on the Field.

When the Goal is scored, last kicker will be counted as Goal, everyone on the List will be the Assists.

Everyone involved will get (Star) and Medals.



You can get ★(Star whenever you score a goal, or assist for goal.

1Star for Goal getter and Assists, and 2 for the Ball Owner will be provided.

★(Star as the sums will be shown for the index of your experiences.



You can get certain Medals for every 1Star.

Also, total stocks can be increased by buying at the In-App Purchase.

Medals can be exchanged with the Additional Items, when your stock exceeds certain amount.


Additional Items

You can get Additional Items by exchanging with your Medals.

Those Additional Items would extend your active areas on the Field.

Please note that some Items have limits on number of times or on period.

* Extra Ball

This Item is optional Ball which is available for certain kicks depending upon each Grade at; 50/100/150 kicks.

Expiry date set for Extra Ball starts from when you GET the Item.

* Soccer Spike

This Item can extend the Kicking Range depending upon each Grade to; 100km/1,000km/Whole Field.

* Color Spray

This Item can change the color of My Ball during the Season.




We advise you to turn on the GPS Location Service whenever in use of this App, since this Service shows the Contents based on Location Data. (Please note that this App may be terminated at some functions, in case the GPS Location Service is at OFF Settings.


You can check How to Play guide at [Information] menu within this App.



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